Fall Inspired Health & Beauty Staples To Try This Month

Fall is upon us and as the seasons change, so do our bodies. The air gets cooler outside so our homes get warmer, putting our body through environmental stresses that we often don't notice - until it turns into a sniffly nose. Many of us are bound to catch a little cold or flu bug, but there are holistic, natural ways to boost the immune system and calm the body. That's why we've put together a list of our fall health and beauty staples.


Go ahead and order that PSL you've waited for all year. We're delivering 3 fall staple products that deserve a spot in your life (or in your purse) this season. Together, let's all stay healthy and positive!

Brighten up and boost immunity with Vitamin C

Our mornings are packed with a daily dose of Vitamin C. A supplement or CBD gummy like The C-Sweet is a boost of pure bliss, helping unveil your inner fighting skills to shield your body and mind from illness and inflammation.


Vitamin C is a key contender for naturally heightening the body’s immune system. Plus, it's a superhero antioxidant that brightens the skin and fights the signs of aging. Win-win.


Planning a trip, but wondering how to travel (with COVID-19) this season? The benefits of Vitamin C are great for that too. Take a multivitamin with essential nutrients like zinc and antioxidants to neutralize free radicals and pop a vitamin C gummy for extra immune strength. Drink plenty of water and hydrate to ensure your organs are functioning well during your journey.

Protect your delicate scalp from dandruff with an elixir

Dandruff is far from desirable yet it's common as the seasons change. Temperature and humidity fluctuating can throw off our scalp's PH and cause those pesky white flakes.


There are many causes of dandruff, but a calming, PH-balancing scalp elixir can work wonders to prevent and treat the issue. A natural product will protect your scalp from these flakes, nourish the skin, calm redness, and keep oil production at bay. 


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Add volume to lashes and brows

Cool weather means wrapping up in warmer clothing like chunky sweaters and scarves (bye, Hot Girl Summer). Our wardrobe is gaining volume, why not our lashes and eyebrows? 


Bold eyebrows and thick lashes are gorgeous year-round, but if yours just won't grow, try a growth serum. A serum formulated for lashes and brows supports hair repair and reduces breakage so your little hairs grow as long as possible.


We just released our brand new Sagano Superfood Lash & Brow Growth Serum that hosts an anti-aging formula with adaptogens to protect and reverse any damage. Biotin, Probiotics, and Amino Acids promote hair growth, plus the serum helps maintain color vibrancy.

Let's make the most of the fall season

Whether you have a crazy autumn ahead of you or you are looking forward to some downtime after a busy summer, let's all embrace this new season. A new chapter of our year is exciting and we can all benefit from being mindful of our bodies and minds. We hope these three fall health and beauty staples encourage and help you have a great season.