8 holistic ways to save your hair

As we grow up, our hair changes - a lot. Our locks naturally thin out and may become lackluster and weaker over the years. Unfortunately, once these changes happen, it's too late. It's nearly impossible to reverse hair damage once it's done or to naturally activate hair follicles once they're dormant. But - you can prevent these catastrophes from happening. 


Preventing hair damage is the best way to solve hair damage. Don't put all the pressure on hair products to reverse the damage that you can easily ward off with a few simple hair-healthy habits.


The earlier you begin, the more your hair will thank you. Here is a rundown of the best, natural, and holistic ways to save your hair. Ready? Let's go. 

8 holistic ways to prevent hair loss & damage

Here are some holistic and natural ways to prevent hair damage and inevitably, help delay thinning hair. Apply these best practices to shield your hair from damage and enjoy flowing, gorgeous hair for years to come.


  1. Think twice about that ponytail - Hair is flexible, but only for so long before it's permanently damaged. When you pull your hair back tightly, try changing where you place the elastic to give your hair a break. For example, switch between a high and low ponytail.
  2. Learn to style your hair without heat - High-heat hair tools dehydrate the follicle and leave the cuticle vulnerable to damage. Heat-styling once in a while is fine, but avoid making it a daily habit. Try a salt spray or curling cream to define your natural hair texture.
  3. Embrace your natural hair color - Bleach and dyes are horrible for your hair, no surprise there. If you're prone to hair loss, take a break from the salon and try to work with your natural color. It's more beautiful than you think! 
  4. Use a soft, natural fiber brush - Swap out that old plastic brush for a boar's hair or another natural fiber hairbrush. This promotes healthy oil distribution and the bristles are gentler when detangling.
  5. Eat food that loves your hair back - Eating more antioxidants can help prevent oxidative stress, aka environmental factors like sun damage and pollution, that damage the hair. Prioritize foods high in antioxidants like berries, artichokes, kale, and dark chocolate. Your skin will benefit too!
  6. Pop a natural hair supplement - Make sure your diet is abundant with hair-loving ingredients like omega 3's, zinc, vitamins, iron, fish oil, and biotin. To guarantee your daily dose, try a hair nutrition gummy, like this.
  7. Prioritize scalp massages - When shampooing, take an extra moment to really knead your scalp and massage the head. Why? Massaging promotes blood circulation to the scalp, encouraging new hair growth.
  8. Balance your scalp's PH - An unhappy scalp means unhappy, thinning hair. Natural essential oils contain powerful botanicals that can help stimulate hair growth, like peppermint or ginseng. A de-stressing scalp elixir can help keep soothe the scalp and keep things in check.

Everyone's hair is unique

In the end, everyone's scalp and hair are different. Your lifestyle, genetic makeup, and the hair products you choose all play a vital role in your hair health. What works great for someone might not work for your hair, but that's okay. 


We're all unique and discovering what works for you is the exciting part. Good luck on your hair journey and we hope these tips pay off!