Mental Hacks to Get Your Dream Summer Body

Coming into 2021, we all wanted a "hot girl summer" and for many of us, that included a sexy body to match. Whether you put on a few extra pounds during quarantine or simply don't feel confident in a swimsuit, you may be closer to your dream summer body than you think. You just need to manifest it.


Today, we're sharing some mental hacks to get you closer to your dream body. By applying these mind-shifting mental exercises, you'll look - and feel - better all around. A beautiful body is a healthy body, so let's ditch the measurements and scales and set our sights on feeling our best.


Ready to feel healthier? Let's go.

Embrace the Mind-Mental Connection

Get that journal out. Nothing helps you unleash your potential like putting thoughts onto paper. By writing down your goals, you're giving them intention and suddenly a thought becomes an action. Just a few minutes makes a big difference. Couple your journaling with another daily habit, like drinking coffee, and it'll be easier to get done.


Start each morning by checking in with yourself mentally and journaling. How does your body feel? Did you get enough sleep? Are you sore from yesterday's workout? Are you excited for the day ahead? Expelling all of these questions into writing can help you set a foundation and frame your mindset for the day.


Not a fan of journaling? Read a book about health or food instead. Make your brain waves get in the pattern of supporting healthy mornings.

Keep a food journal to track your body's reactions

Your journal has a new purpose: tracking your food. As you fuel your body throughout the day, quickly jot down what goes in your mouth. Then, before your next meal, note how you feel.


Did your last meal make you tired? Any stomach cramps or bloating? Are you feeling brain fog this afternoon? Food should nourish your body (and soul! Hello, chocolate..) but it's important to determine what makes you feel your best. Any sense of irritation could signal a food intolerance that you may benefit from eliminating in your diet.


Within a few weeks of keeping a food journal, you'll begin to notice patterns. Who knows, maybe next time your coworker brings in bagels, you'll feel great about passing them up because you know you'll feel better later.

Manifest your dream body 24/7

You can achieve your dream body if you program your mindset to believe you can. By manifesting your goals, you're training your subconscious mind to live the life that leads you closer to the dream body.


For example, you should view yourself as someone who loves the gym or going for a daily walk. You should see yourself as someone who loves an active lifestyle and makes healthy choices at a restaurant. If you want to do more yoga, envision yourself as a yogi!


Most importantly, tell yourself that you deserve this dream life - because you do. The moment you don't believe "that girl" can be you, you'll struggle with mental blocks. Remember: You are in control.

Quick, last-minute ways to drop some weight

Weight loss and living a healthier lifestyle is a long-term journey so there are no quick fixes that will yield long-lasting results. However, if you're just looking to trim up and only have a few days, these quick tricks may help. Note, any weight you lose will likely be water weight, but it could give you the confidence boost you need to live your best moment!

  • Drink a glass of water before each meal to feel fuller and eat a bit less
  • Get 8+ hours of sleep each night to ensure your body is rested and won't crave pitfalls like sugar pick-me-ups
  • Eat natural, whole foods and avoid anything processed as it might have higher salt content and cause bloating
  • Focus on fiber and protein that promote satiety and avoid carbs that might make you consume more calories per meal
  • Say no to booze since drinking alcohol promotes inflammation, water retention, and sometimes late-night snacking
  • Hit a HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout that makes you sweat, a lot, plus feel stronger and more toned