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Born from a vision– to create a conscious beauty brand that goes beyond the ordinary, uniting wellness and wanderlust that makes you look good, feel good and do good. Inspired by herbal remedies, holistic traditions, and beauty secrets from cultures around the world, our products are rooted in tradition and backed by modern science.

Sagano - VIVI Naturals, Sagano, VIVI Naturals, Hair Growth, sagano,

Bold & Bloom


Superfood Brow + Lash Growth Serum

+ Nourishes & strengthens, creating softer, more youthful brows.

+ Patented Reishi Extract supports hair repair and reduces breakage.

+ Anti-aging formula with adaptogens protects and reverses damage.

+ Biotin, Probiotics & Amino Acids promote hair growth, plus maintain color vibrancy.

Sagano - VIVI Naturals, Sagano, VIVI Naturals, Hair Growth, sagano,
CBDetox - VIVI Naturals, CBDetox, VIVI Naturals, Scalp Elixir, cb-detox,

Revise & Repose


De-Stressing Scalp Elixir

+ Tea Tree + 100 mg of Cannabinoids

+ Protects against toxins & environmental pollutants

+ Soothes, relaxes and revives over-worked Hair

+ Relieves itch & flakes

Root 66 - VIVI Naturals, Root 66, VIVI Naturals, Hair Growth, root-66,

Volume & Vitality

Root 66

Abundance Serum for Fuller Hair

+ 24 active ingredients strengthens & lengthens, promoting hair growth.

+ Proprietary 9 Adaptogen Blend with patented ingredients and natrial DHT Blockers thicken hair and prevent hair loss.

+ Caffeine and Green Tea awaken follicles and boost overall hair wellness.

+ Help reduce flakes and remove buildups.

Root 66 - VIVI Naturals, Root 66, VIVI Naturals, Hair Growth, root-66,


Catching Z's - VIVI Naturals, Catching Z's, VIVI Naturals, Gummies, catching-zs,

Catching Z's

Sweet Treats for Sleepy Time Cannabinoids + Melatonin Gummies
Daily Vivant - VIVI Naturals, Daily Vivant, VIVI Naturals, Gummies, daily-vivant,

Daily Vivant

Head to Toe Wellness Cannabinoids + Multivitamin + Biotin Gummies
The C-Sweet - VIVI Naturals, The C-Sweet, VIVI Naturals, Gummies, c-sweet,

The C-Sweet

24/7 Immunity Boost Cannabinoids + Vitamin C Gummies  

Clean & Responsible Products

VIVI Naturals products contain globally sourced ingredients, proprietary technologies and clinically proven formulations, backed by nature and by science.

environmentally sourced materials, clean and responsible products

Sourced Materials

We are committed to creating clean beauty that also protects Mother Earth. Our goal is to promote sustainability throughout our supply chain from farm, ingredient sourcing to packaging. 

All VIVI Naturals products are created using clean, feel-good ingredients and packaged using recycled glass, paper and materials that meet the highest environmental standards.

Vivi Naturals

VIVI Gives Back

We work with organizations who are working to create positive change through equality of opportunity especially for women and children in need.

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