Our mission is to illuminate one’s natural beauty and bravery from the inside out. We create beauty products deeply inspired by our global community’s cultural and holistic wellness practices, and we stand committed to uplifting and investing in communities.


Committed to Empowering Women

As a women-founded brand, we understand our obligation to embolden all women to discover their inner and outer beauty.

VIVI Naturals uses only finest ingredients trusted by generations of wise women, and our innovative, science-backed products aim to inspire inner/outer beauty and a confidence that knows no bounds.


Giving Back: Investing in Community

We partner with organizations who are working to create positive change through equality of opportunity especially for women and children in need.

From day one, we are committed to giving back to fight inequality, to provide access to quality healthcare, and to create educational opportunities for impoverished women and children here at home and across the globe. In response to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, we are committed to donating 100% of net proceeds from the sale of our Vita+ limited-edition Hand Sanitizer to World Vision and Feeding America | Hunger in America helping to fight against the devastating effects of the coronavirus. We're excited to announce our newest charity partner, Lwaki Ye! Based in Uganda, Lwaki Ye is dedicated to women’s social-economic, leadership and health interestsin East Africa.


Globally Conscious & Holistic Wellness

Where East meets West - We value the time-honored wisdom of global beauty practices and draw inspiration from the fusion of Eastern traditions with Western medicine.

We believe in a holistic, herbal and effective approach that promotes self healing. Our products contain proprietary ingredients and remedies sourced from ancient global beauty regimes trusted by generations. Verified through modern science and technology, our formulations offer highly effective, cutting-edge solutions for today’s beauty and wellness concerns. We partner with international scientists and research facilities to bring you the most ground-breaking products at the intersection of nature and science.


Ethically Sourced, Sustainable for Life.

VIVI means “full of life; living.” Our commitment to combating personal stressors motivates us to create clean beauty that also pays homage to our Mother Earth.

To do our part, VIVI Naturals is committed to products that are globally inspired, naturally derived, clean, non-GMO, vegan and cruelty free. We are committed to doing our part to reverse the pollution and waste created by the beauty industry by ensuring our packaging uses recycled glass, paper and materials for a zero waste system that meets the highest environmental standards.