How to travel post-COVID

Who else is craving a vacation? As the COVID-19 pandemic is finally winding down, more people are setting their sights on travel. The convenience of rapid COVID testing and the swift vaccine roll-out are giving people the freedom to take to the skies - but is it safe to travel?


People have differing opinions on the topic, but either way, people are beginning to travel again both internationally and domestically. Here are some tips for traveling during a pandemic and some smart ways to stay safe, wherever you go!

Double down on domestic vacations

Did you know you can claim up to a $4,000 tax refund for domestic travel? Yep - it's all thanks to the new "Explore America" tax credit. This refund would let citizens claim up to 50% of expenses on travel expenses like airlines, rental cars, theme parks, hotels, and more. There is still much to be determined, but this stimulus is worth keeping your eye on! Cross-country road trip, anyone? 

Check travel restrictions

If you do decide to cross borders, you better check travel restrictions. The CDC updates its travel guidelines routinely and some countries are still closing their borders and enforcing lockdowns (looking at you, France). If you're traveling, consider working with a travel agent who's well-versed with the latest regulations and can guide you through the ever-changing processes. Also, sign up for STEP - the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program for alerts. You can enroll a trip and get notices if anything changes. In the meantime, make sure your accommodations and tickets are refundable or easy to reschedule! 

Amp up your immune system

Before the big day of travel, make sure your immune system is living its best life. Drink plenty of water and hydrate to ensure your organs are functioning well. Take a multivitamin with essential nutrients like zinc and antioxidants to neutralize free radicals and pop a vitamin C gummy for extra immune strength. Be sure to monitor how you feel and who you see. If you feel any symptoms or are exposed to anyone at risk, you should postpone your travels and avoid public transportation.

Wash your hands on-the-go

If 2020 taught us anything, it's that hand sanitizer is your BFF. As you begin to explore, make sure to pack some extra hand sanitizer with you so you can readily cleanse your hands throughout your entire journey. To prevent showing up to your dream destination with dry, scaly hands, use a hand sanitizer with clean, nourishing ingredients - like Vita+ Spray or  Vita+ Gel . Feel good about buying a bottle since a portion of all proceeds is being donated to COVID-relief funds worldwide!

Enjoy staying close to home 

You don't need an airplane to enjoy a much-needed break. Plan a staycation and rent a hotel room in town, or take a day trip somewhere nearby - like these 31 last-minute getaway ideas. We take for granted the sights in our own backyard, so check some off your list these next few months. If you're playing it safe, take a cyber vacation by trying an online cultural cooking class or another virtual experience. 


We're all eager to get our lives back and for many of us, that means clocking out for real vacation time. However, even as guidelines are loosening up, we should all take cautionary measures and always be mindful to keep everyone safe around us! Bon voyage.