How to wash your hair the right way

For the past year, we've been stuck inside (thanks, COVID) so it's no wonder we might go a few extra days without showering. It leads us to wonder: am I washing my hair enough? How do I even wash my hair properly? Is it bad if I wear my messy fun for the fourth day in a row?


If you're curious to learn more about hair health and how to wash your hair the right way, keep reading. We're diving into this normal ritual but dropping some facts to make sure our locks are living their best life.

3 ways to wash your hair properly

Don't feel bad, but there's a good chance you've been washing your hair wrong your entire life. Follow these three shampooing tips and you'll notice a serious difference in the quality of your hair.  

1. Do NOT shampoo daily

Do not wash your hair every day! In fact, most people wash their hair way too much. Three times a week is sufficient for most hair types. If you wash your hair too often, you're actually teaching it to produce more oil, so it's counterproductive. 


But what if you sweat (a lot) multiple times a week and dry shampoo won't cut it? It's ok to rinse your hair often to remove sweat. You can even condition it daily, just only shampoo your hair a few times per week. 

2. You need to shampoo twice (seriously)

The days you do shampoo, double down. It sounds insane, but there is a good reason the directions on your shampoo bottle say, "rinse, lather, repeat." You're supposed to shampoo twice!


The first shampoo lifts oils from the scalp and removes hard grease and buildup. The second shampoo lathers and removes these, helping to wash your greasy hair culprits down the drain. 


This is a good reason to invest in quality shampoo. Cheap shampoos and conditioners use fillers and require you to use more product. Higher-end shampoos with quality ingredients are more concentrated, meaning you can use much less for better results. They are more expensive upfront, but one bottle will last you much longer!

3. Take the temperature down a notch

Who doesn't love a nice, hot shower? Your hair. Unfortunately, hot water can be stressful on your locks and cause damage in the long run. The heat dries out both your hair and skin.


Instead, try to take a cool shower. Cold water is known to seal the hair cuticle, so it'll produce smoother, shinier hair while even reducing frizz!

Choosing the right products for your hair

Everyone's hair is different, thus we all demand different products. There is no one-size-fits-all with hair and that rule certainly applies to shampoo. 


Choose a formula that works with your hair type and length. For example, you have oily hair, try a purifying shampoo. Thin, flat hair should thrive from a volumizing type. Frizzy hair prefers moisturizing, rich formulas.


A proper wash will be ruined if you don't follow up with the right styling products. If you're low-maintenance, aim for a product that offers multiple solutions in one, like Root66 that balances the scalp's PH while naturally adding volume. Also, be sure to choose products designed for the type of hair styling you perform regularly. For example, don't use a blowdry lotion that's heat-activated if you often let your hair air dry. 

Healthy habits mean healthy hair

The length and look of your hair are affected by so many factors in life. Your diet, genetics, water quality, product selection, sleep routine, hair styling, and more all factor into the health of your hair.


Making sure you shampoo the RIGHT way is something we all can benefit from. Another quick win? Popping a hair-loving multivitamin like Daily Vivant to make sure you're getting all the nutrients your locks need.