5 Beauty Perks of Amino Acids

Amino acids are something many of us have heard of, but many don't know what's behind them. These little acids are topics in health and wellness, personal training and supplements, and more recently: beauty. 


What exactly are amino acids? What purpose do they serve and how can you get them? We're answering these questions through the lens of beauty. 


Keep reading to learn more about amino acids and for 5 beauty-related perks that your body will love. Let's dive in.

What are amino acids?

Simply put, amino acids are organic compounds made of the things we learned about in chemistry class like nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. They're building blocks made up of proteins.


There are 20 different kinds of these amino acids that our bodies need to grow and function properly. Although all 20 are important for your health, only 9 of them are considered "essential." An "essential" amino acid cannot be produced by your body and thus must be gained through your diet. 


In the realm of beauty, amino acids serve a wide variety of purposes. We're getting into that next.

5 Beauty Perks of Amino Acids 

Here are five great beauty-related reasons why amino acids deserve a spot in your regular routine. Amino acids are known to:


  1. Soothe & hydrate by pushing moisture through the skin while reducing inflammation.
  2. Build collagen and helps regenerate the body to produce more.
  3. Act like antioxidants to protect the skin, promote cellular repair, and fight the signs of aging. 
  4. Be gentle enough for everyday use, unlike other popular beauty ingredients like retinol.
  5. Work well with other ingredients like peptides, hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and more.

All five of these beauty benefits help support the fact that amino acids are GREAT for you, your skin, and your body overall.

Beauty products with amino acids

Modern beauty brands are recognizing the wonderous effects of amino acids and harnessing their power into beauty products. Here at VIVI Naturals, it's no different.


Our patented formula contains amino acids, so many of our products boast their beauty benefits. Putting holistic health and the planet first, our amino acids (and all ingredients) are responsibly sourced, tested, and backed by science.


Sagano Superfood Lash + Brow Growth Serum nourishes & strengthens hair to create softer, more youthful brows and longer lashes. Lightweight and nourishing, amino acids relax blood vessels to improve blood flow. Amino acids, with the help of other adaptogens like biotin and probiotics, promote hair growth, maintain color vibrancy and naturally regrow thinning hair.


You can also find amino acids in our CBDetox, a scalp elixir that soothes, relaxes, and revives overworked hair. Also, in Root 66: your one-way ticket to everlasting volume and great lengths.


Explore VIVI Naturals amino acid products here.