What is Sachitin®?

VIVI Naturals is on a mission to create a conscious beauty and wellness brand that goes beyond the ordinary. Inspired by herbal remedies, holistic traditions, and beauty secrets from cultures around the world, VIVI's products are rooted in tradition and backed by modern science. 


We designed better products that make a difference and a large part of that is thanks to our curated selection of formulas and one-of-a-kind ingredients - like Sachitin®.


Sachitin® is a patented ingredient in many VIVI products because of the incredible benefits it offers proven by science. Read on to learn more about this powerhouse patent and how it's different.

What is Sachitin®?

Sachitin® is a medical-grade, exclusive patent of a molecular compound derived from one of the world’s most acclaimed medicinal mushrooms: Reishi (ganoderma lucidum).


This compound of both Chitin and Polysaccharide was researched and developed by a Doctor at the Taipei Medical University and a team of herbal experts, scientists in Japan and China.  Sachitin® comes from the cell wall of Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi) and is currently used on burn wound victims, skin grafts, and other wound healing surgical dressings because of its excellent ability to repair scars. 


Applying Sachitin® can significantly shorten the time of wound inflammation, promote cell regeneration and tissue repair, and increase collagen synthesis in the dermis, thereby accelerating wound healing. It also can enhance collagen proliferation and promote keratinocyte proliferation. Chitin is 40-50 times more concentrated than any surrounding bacteria. As a thick-walled tissue, it effectively prevents the development of harmful microbes. As a result, chitin inhibits bacterial and microbial growth.


If Sachitin® is incredible at treating wounded skin, imagine what it can do for skin on a daily basis.

The Science Behind Sachitin®

This bio-living exclusive patent Reishi Cell wall Glycoside, aka Sachitin®, was developed from years of studies and research. One notable study was performed by Dr. Xi, who is responsible for hyperbaric oxygenation at the Changhua Christian Hospital in Taiwan. They used Sachitin to treat patients with skin wounds that presented difficultly in healing for over six months. After applying the Sachitin, their wounds healed in just two weeks.


More scientific studies of Sachitin® have been studied after laser surgery. It was confirmed by preliminary clinical experiments that the skin after laser surgery achieved better recovery results after just two days of continuous use versus those who used products without Sachitin®.


The get scientific, the molecular structure of Sachitin® is an extremely stable bond. When it is taken externally or topically, it reinforces skin barriers and keratin with anti-inflammatory properties. When it is taken internally or orally, it improves the growth and speed of cell reproduction.

The Beauty Benefits of Sachitin®

Now that you understand the powerful health and regenerative skin properties that Sachitin® has promised, let's talk about beauty. 


Sachitin® is renowned for its beauty and skin benefits, like:

  • Anti-inflammation, which reduces redness and swelling
  • Anti-oxidation, which stimulates skin blood flow and keeps skin healthy
  • Hypoallergenic properties, which keeps sensitive skin resilient
  • Boosted cell turnover, which keeps skin young
  • Deep penetration, due to high amount of Beta-glucens
  • Line smoothing due to high absorption
  • Relief for all skin types, including sensitive and dry skin types

What beauty & wellness products contain Sachitin®?

VIVI Naturals is proud to offer Sachitin® within many of our natural beauty and wellness products. 


Our newest brow and lash growth serum, Sagano Superfood, and Root 66, a volumizing hair serum, use this patented Reishi extract to support hair repair and reduce breakage. CBDetox, a de-stressing hair elixir, uses it to help soothe the skin and relieve itchiness and flakes.  


The only thing left to ask is, how are you going to try Sachitin®?