3 Ingredients that Make Hair Grow (That Aren't Biotin)

Growing out your hair feels like a never-ending journey, leading many of us to try all sorts of methods. Biotin is a popular, natural way to promote hair growth, but what else is out there?


Here are three natural alternatives to Biotin known to help hair growth - among other benefits. Get ready to learn all about the hair-loving benefits of Green Tea, Hemp Seed Oil, and Reishi Extract (SACHITIN®).

Green Tea Awakens the Follicle

Who else loves sipping on a yummy, earthy green tea? Well turns out, it's good for your hair too. Green tea has been praised for centuries as a cure-all beverage, but many beauty companies have noticed the amazing benefits it provides aesthetically.


Green tea is rich in antioxidants, like flavonols and catechins. This high content has the potential to help prevent hair loss and improve overall hair health. In a small study, researchers added topical green tea extract to the scalps of participants. After just 4 days, the participants experienced significant increases in hair growth activity. 


You can purchase a natural hair product that contains green tea extract, or try rinsing your hair with some freshly brewed tea at home.

Hemp Seed Oil Protects & Strengthens Hair

Sativa, or Hemp, Seed Oil is another beloved beauty ingredient that's connected to hair health. It is rich in omega 3, 6, AND 9, and these fatty acids are necessary for maximizing hair growth. Hemp seed oil is also moisturizing, helping to hydrate dry hair shafts, smooth the cuticle, and improve elasticity. This means that the strand can bend more before breaking.


To get the most from Hemp Seed Oil, use it for a scalp massage that also promotes blood circulation. This increased blood flow will deliver fresh oxygen to the skin, helping stimulate follicles and increase hair production.

Sachitin® Reishi Mushroom Extract

SACHITIN®, a patented Reishi Extract, supports hair repair and reduces breakage. This 'shroom extract is medicinal and a leading adaptogen with renowned benefits. It's stress-relieving, skin healing, and anti-aging: all things your hair and scalp can benefit from.


Like green tea, SACHITIN® is super rich in rare antioxidants. This superfood improves hair damage while reducing breakage. Lightweight and nourishing, amino acids work to relax blood vessels and improve blood flow. 

Products for Natural & Holistic Hair Health

Keeping your hair healthy overall begins with a holistic approach. First, be sure to eat a balanced diet, rich in healthy fats to help your body create an ecosystem where hair can thrive. 


Next, address the health of your scalp and make sure this foundation is moisturized and free of buildup. A calming scalp elixir can help restore balance on the scalp and awaken hair follicles. 


The last part is to ensure your strands are managed. Brush regularly to avoid tangles that rip out and coat the strands with a moisturizing oil to prevent breakage and add elasticity to the hair shaft. Your hair products would be natural and provide health benefits, like this volumizing spray that showers the hair with peptides, biotin, and hemp oil


If you're concerned about your lashes and brows too, a natural serum can help these features grow and thicken too - like the new Sagano Superfood. SACHITIN® is complimented with a lipid blend that imitates your natural hair. It helps repair, protect and seal strands at their core.