Why World Vegan Month Matters (Even If You're Not Vegan)

Vegan is a word we see on nearly every menu these days. The world has embraced vegans, not only because it has become trendy, but because it represents a lifestyle with a serious mission. Veganism isn't an excuse to order a salad, it supports a cruelty-free lifestyle overall. Quite frankly, that's something the world could use a bit more of.


November is World Vegan Month so here's what you need to know about this month-long movement. Plus, we're sharing how you can support and celebrate being vegan in more ways than skipping the chicken at dinner. Read on!

What is World Vegan Month?

World Vegan Month is an annual celebration observed during the month of November. Over this time, vegan and plant-based eaters around the world get to unite and celebrate their lifestyle that's making a positive impact worldwide. It's meant to increase awareness and encourage people to learn more about why a plant-based lifestyle is worth considering.


Veganism expands far beyond your plate. It's a lifestyle in which vegans make choices that exclude cruelty. That means, avoiding cruelty to animals for food (bye, sushi), products (faux leather only), or other reasons (animal rugs, ew). Many vegans also make more sustainable choices in supply chains, like trying to opt for locally grown foods, ethically-sourced materials, and recycled products.


In short, vegans always lead a plant-based diet. But the world is benefitting from much more than a few extra cute cows running around.

How the World is Benefitting From Vegans

Vegans can normally agree upon three "reasons" why they chose to make the lifestyle change.

1. They want to protect animals.

A single vegetarian has the potential to save 404 animals per year. Imagine what each vegan protects! And this goes beyond slaughter, but also protecting those treated inhumanely for dairy, fur production, and so much more.

2. They want to help the environment.

Animal agriculture is the leading cause of pollution on earth. Researchers say that the emissions from animal farming are now responsible for more annual deaths than pollution from coal power plants. Factories and vehicles are taxed and monitored through clean-air laws, but farms? Not so much. The waste that animals produce emits air pollution, but also pollute our soils and dirty the rivers.

3. They want to lead a healthier life, individually.

More and more research is proving that consuming animal fats and proteins is directly linked to heart disease, cancers, diabetes, obesity, and other harmful conditions. Veggie-fueled diets can reduce internal inflammation, encourage weight loss, and even improve energy levels.

How You Can Support the Movement

Don't worry - you don't need to say goodbye to meat forever to still support this noble cause. We can all love the planet together! If trying a vegetarian diet is out of the question, start on a small scale. 


Try celebrating #MeatlessMondays by going veggie just one day a week. Simply reducing the number of animal products in your diet will make a big difference to your health, plus, it'll probably save you a couple of bucks! Vegetarian meals are known to be cheaper.


Next, when/if you do purchase animal products, ensure that you're buying them from brands that support the treatment of animals. That means pasture raised, cage-free, and supporting smaller farms that take pride in their work - not mass producing it.


To support the cause outside the kitchen, support local vegan restaurants and businesses. Try shopping at consignment or second-hand stores to reduce new manufacturing. Invest in quality items that last a long time over cheaper pieces that are trendy or won't last. Shop locally versus buying things online to cut CO2 emissions of transport shipping. 

VIVI Natural's Mission

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All of our ingredients are ethically sourced and sustainable. Clean beauty isn't a choice, is a responsibility. That's why we've committed to products that are naturally derived, clean, non-GMO, vegan, and cruelty-free!


We are committed to doing our part to reverse the pollution and waste created by the beauty industry by ensuring our packaging uses recycled glass, paper, and materials for a zero-waste system that meets the highest environmental standards.


Every little bit helps... so are you with us? Happy #WorldVeganMonth!