New Year, New You

As you set big goals for new year, how to set effective goals and make a solid plan so they become a reality? Increase your success with these tips on setting effective goals the right way. To kick off 2022, we are interviewing Corey Anker, owner of Ankerline Life Coaching.

Do you recommend setting resolutions or goals for the new year? If so, is there a specific number of goals you recommend setting?

Without a target, you’re guessing. So if your purpose in 2022 is to simply “browse the aisles of life,” then no problem… keep it loose. But if you are determined to create certain results, certain structures — a higher salary or promotion, a new relationship or to improve your current one, finally writing that book, getting healthy in any and all forms, etc… without a focal point to aim at or head toward, you will likely become distracted and fall short. And even if you are among the very few that can pull it off, in the absence of a specific goal, you will be far less efficient and face the possibility of burning out. It’s a far less sustainable model.

So yes, absolutely. Set your intentions in the form of resolutions or goals. But there are a few things to keep in mind. Don’t set more than one major goal in any area of your life. And don’t spread yourself too thin. It’s a game of progress, not perfection. Choose what’s most important, and then prioritize your focus and actions accordingly.

Do you recommend writing a list for your goals in a place that is visible to you everyday?

Whatever we focus our minds upon, will expand. On the physical level of the brain, it’s said that neurons that fire together, wire together. In other words, if you’re constantly in a dynamic of striving for something, but have no real direction, you’ll remain in a growing state of striving. If however, you are constantly being reminded of your specific goals, you will naturally advance towards them. The output of effort will coalesce around moving toward those targets. Picture a boat off the coast of it’s closest continent… if the captain continues to aimlessly look at the water, that’s where the boat will remain —
out at sea. But if he seeks out where the shore is, where the port or harbor is, guess where that ship and it’s captain will arrive? Exactly.

Yes! Definitely put that information where you will see it… even a sticky note on your bathroom mirror, or laptop or desktop, will make a difference. Just make sure the info is relevant for you, and that you actually see it. If your goals change or the current wording becomes stale, rewrite them. If you stop seeing it, switch it’s position!

What is the best way to measure how you are stacking up to your goals? A list? Accountability partner?

Both the good news and bad news is that there is no overarching best way. The best way is what ultimately works for you to Get. It. Done. That said, here are a few Best Practices”…

1. Get it all down in concrete form. It can be handwritten, typed into your phone, or you can even create a visual display like a vision board.

2. Be as specific as possible. This eliminates the gray areas, and the “maybes.” You need to be able to answer a very simple question with a very simple answer… am I advancing?

3. You must add the element of time. It’s not enough to only say the What. Create a “By When,” you will arrive at that target.

“But Corey, I can’t control everyone and everything. The universe is unpredictable.” Absolutely true. But again, in the absence of a target you will drift. Plant your flag somewhere in the zone of approximately when you would like to generate your result. And then go do and be everything you can to make it happen.

You can always adjust as needed.

4. I know this one is going to be scary for some people but I wouldn’t say it if it weren’t valuable… the more people that know about what you’re up to, the less likely you are to let it go. This doesn’t mean you should shout your brainstorm from this morning’s shower out to the entire world… unless that truly makes sense for you. But if you keep it all to yourself, you’ll be able to quit and nobody will know. Sounds safe and comfortable right? And it may be. But I assure you that the discomfort when you fall short will be much worse. So SHARE YOUR GOALS!!

And if you can find someone — or even a few someone’s — to join forces with in your quest, for accountability, even better!

How do you recommend handling un-reached goals?

Great question! And this is a very important aspect of goal setting and goal achieving. First and foremost, be kind with yourself. No matter what. You can learn from missteps, create new structures, and get additional support as needed. We can always try again.

But we really shouldn’t beat ourselves up. And if you insist, at least use a pillow.

If you look closely and you’re honest with yourself, you may be able to get the learning in how it went off track. And for added benefit, get an outside perspective from a trusted source… a friend, family member or colleague whom you know can give honest feedback but has your best interests in mind. Or go talk with a Coach. This is exactly what we do.

Anything else you like to say to clients who are setting new goals for the new year?

First of all, everything begins with belief. Do you remember when you were little, and played with magnets… you could take a nail and rub it on the magnet and then it would have some charge. Then you could use the nail to pick up some paper clips. But everything starts with that magnet.

It all starts with believing in ourselves. If you don’t believe it, nobody will.
And do what it takes to have your thoughts, words, and actions in line. It reduces drag, increases efficiency, and has us maximize our resources.
And that will bring speed and power to your goals! Go get em out there!