New Trend Alert: Scalp-Care is the New Skincare

Are you a self-proclaimed skincare fanatic? If so, you probably know all about multi-step skincare and other trendy ingredients that improve your skin health. Well, beauty trends have taken a huge turn since the pandemic. Now, more and more people are adopting new ways to look after their bodies, hair, and skin. The latest beauty trends are all about taking care of your scalp for better hair. It can even help you take care of the dreaded dryness that takes over your scalp when the season changes. But, there’s nothing to worry about! With a few best practices, you can take good care of your scalp.

Reasons Why Scalp-Care Matters

• It acts like soil. Your scalp is the main point of contact with your hair. The scalp is where your hair grows and reaches beautiful lengths. Damage to the scalp means poor hair growth, hair fall, and breakage.
• It supports face skin. Your scalp reaches the nape of your neck and forehead. Hence, it’s quite important to support the skin on your face. Despite the extension, your scalp is thicker than other areas of skin on your body. Also, it cultivates hair through over 100,000 hair follicles on your head.
• It ages six times faster than body and face skin. Expert dermatologists and professional skin care experts suggest that the scalp has a higher exposure to the elements. This causes it to age significantly faster than the skin on any other part of your body.

Tips to Improve Scalp-Care

Do you find yourself struggling with different types of hair and scalp-skin care beauty products? Don’t worry, because here are some expert recommendations to help you and other skincare enthusiasts like you. If you have a damaged scalp and potentially slow hair growth, you can try out the effective Root 66 Abundance Serum or CB-Detox De-Stressing Scalp Elixir.

• If You Have An Oily Scalp
Use a non-moisturizing shampoo and gentle conditioner if you have an oily scalp. Do you wash your head more often when your scalp seems oily? Perfect!
• If You Have an Itchy Scalp
Does your scalp feel itchy, especially when combing your hair after a shower? If so, you might have to see a dermatologist for solutions.
• If You Have a Dry Scalp
A dry scalp represents a constant shampooing habit. Try not to go overboard with the lather-rinse-repeat routine when taking a shower. Ideally, you should shampoo every other day to avoid drying out the important oils in your scalp.
• If You Have a Sensitive Scalp
Go for a gentle shampoo and try using lukewarm or cool water when washing your hair. This can prevent irritation or inflammation.

Additional Tips to Make Your Scalp-Care Routine Effective

• Choose the right sebum oils like Root 66 Abundance Serum to boost your hair health and preserve the natural contour of your scalp
• Avoid moisturizing your scalp unnecessarily
• Add more antioxidants to your diet in the form of natural fruits and vegetables or healthy supplements like Daily Vivant.
• Eat fruits that nourish your skin and help it stay hydrated, as it’s an important way to keep your scalp healthy and ensures you get all the required supplements and nutrition throughout the day
• Massage your scalp gently with the right serum concoctions and oils, so your hair grows out longer and thicker
• Wear a hat or scarf, or carry an umbrella to protect your scalp from the sun