How to Beat Stress with Your Beauty Routine

De-stressing is no easy task and keeping that stress under control is even tougher. Your morning commute, that nerve-racking presentation, that boy who ghosted you, student debt - no matter what the cause, stress is easy to accumulate and hard to shake off.

Stress - even small amounts - takes a toll on the body. Short term stress can cause breakouts, hair loss, and weight gain while long term effects can lead to serious health problems like depression, heart issues, and mental disorders. Yikes.

So how can you say #ThankYouNext to stress once and for all?

Beat those bad moods by creating simple daily habits that relieve stress on the spot. While meditating, journaling or a class at Soul Cycle sounds great on paper, it’s hard to find the time. But if you’re smart, you can multi-task to combat stress; like during your beauty routine. 

Bring some self-love into your morning or nightly beauty routine by using products with ingredients that are known to fight stress. Thankfully, these stress-relieving ingredients can be found in a variety of products and across a multitude of brands - and better yet? These calming elements are all-natural and add extra beauty benefits too.

Add these into your morning or nightly routine and banish bad moods, combat stress, and reap the benefits for good:

CBD is your BFF

Cannabis is sweeping the world and appearing in products for every facet of life. It’s no surprise considering its incredible benefits like pain relief and acne reduction, but its big claim to fame is anxiety relief. CBD is a remedy to naturally alleviate stress and when it’s combined with other powerful beauty ingredients, it creates an incredibly calming element to your beauty lineup.

Add in Adaptogens

Similar to CBD, adaptogens are another new player in the beauty world. Adaptogens are quickly attracting loyal fans thanks to their ability to naturally reduce both fatigue and stress. They’re called adaptogens because they adapt to what the body needs, “regulating the body rather than pushing it in one direction or the other,” Dermstore says. Adding products with adaptogens to your beauty arsenal is bound to lower stress and calm your body and mind.

Try out Tea Tree

Tea tree oil is renowned for its incredible anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and healing properties. Harvested from down under in Australia (thanks, mate!), tea tree oil is a beauty staple for its ability to stop acne, fight dandruff, and restore the body’s natural PH levels, especially on the scalp. This cooling ingredient helps clear hair follicles from nasty dirt and buildup which in turn, promotes healthy and faster hair growth. Not to mention, it smells awesome. 

Get Scent-sational 

There’s a reason spas smell the way they do. Scents like eucalyptus, lavender, and chamomile dissipate stress instantly. If you’re looking for a morning mood-boosting scent, try grapefruit or other citrusy elements. Alternate these calming and lifting smells to your morning and nightly beauty routine to keep stress away 24/7 with one whiff.



Combatting stress and its side effects is no easy task, but small rituals like integrating CBD or tea tree oil into your beauty routine can make a big difference. Alleviate anxiety, prevent hair loss, calm your mind and relax your body! Let these ingredients work their magic and enjoy their benefits all year long.