Ancient Wellness Regimes that Help You Soothe Social Distancing

With a global pandemic in our midst, the world is focusing on wellness more than ever. COVID-19 isn’t just ruining our social calendars this spring but it’s creating a real cause for anxiety and stress. Thankfully, social distancing has been embraced worldwide and as people are staying indoors, many are looking for more ways to improve their health, stay safe, and reduce stress.

Take this time during social distancing to reevaluate your wellness rituals and try out a few new remedies. There are infinite natural regimes that have been practiced for centuries to help combat illness, reduce stress, boost immunity, and more. Plus, many of them can be found in your pantry!

Here are our favorite ancient wellness regimes to soothe social distancing.


This anti-inflammatory spice from India hosts a myriad of healing compounds. It fights cancer, reduces internal inflammation (better than ibuprofen in some studies!), and increases the antioxidant capacity of the body. Spice things up by adding turmeric directly to recipes, or making a yummy beverage like a turmeric latte or this golden glow water


It’s no surprise this powerhouse compound is gaining global attention. CBD roots back to 750 B.C. in Central Asia where it was used medicinally and in rituals. It reduces stress, relieves minor aches and pains, promotes sleep, and aid against depression. CBD is appearing in both beauty and nutritional products because pure CBD can be ingested or applied to the body. Drip some organic CBD oil in your morning coffee or apply VIVI Natural’s CBDetox Elixir to promote hair growth and soothe the scalp.


Chinese and Japanese herbal practitioners have used medicinal mushrooms for centuries and recently the reishi variety has grown in popularity. Reishi mushrooms can be eaten fresh or powdered and boast a plethora of wellness benefits. Make some room for reishi mushrooms because they boost your immune system plus fight cancer, fatigue, and depression. Sprinkle some reishi adaptogens into your diet or try beauty products containing the ‘shroom to soak in its power.


This spikey, purple flower is more than a pretty face. Echinacea is an ancient healing ingredient popular for its ability to combat the flu, control blood sugar, aid cell growth, manage anxiety, lower blood pressure, and MORE. How? “This antiviral and antibacterial herb contains polysaccharides that increase the body's production of white blood cells, which fight infection,” says MindBodyGreen. It’s easy to enjoy this ancient wellness regime outside of its tablet form. Just drink some warm, echinacea tea!

Coconut Oil

As a true miracle ingredient, coconut oil offers endless benefits. It smells like heaven and its hydrating abilities make it a ready-to-go hair mask or base for other DIY beauty treatments. But it gets better. Coconut oil’s antiviral properties, including lauric acid, actually leech to harmful bacteria. There are even studies that support using coconut oil as potential prevention for COVID-19. Try the ancient wellness practice of oil pulling. Simply gobble a tablespoon of coconut oil and swish it in your mouth for 15-20 minutes to reduce bacteria, banish plaque, and prevent gingivitis. *adds a gallon of coconut oil to Amazon cart*


Sorry Edward Cullen, but you’re the only one not benefiting from this powerhouse vegetable. Garlic is used as a spice, but it’s healthy in any form you can consume it. Garlic is a strong antioxidant that contains antimicrobial, antiviral, and antibiotic properties. Plus, it's also a natural decongestant. As if we needed another reason to love garlic bread.


These wellness regimes aren’t revolutionary, but there is a brilliance in their simplicity. Their benefits have been proved for centuries and most of them can be found on your regular grocery shopping list. Now that you know the power behind these staple regimes, you have no excuse. Try them out while social distancing and feel all those bad vibes melt away.