Transform Social Distancing into a Spa Day

Deciding to spend the night in is usually just an excuse to wear nothing but a sheet mask and binge Tiger King on Netflix. But with social distancing taking center stage this year due to COVID-19, staying home is no longer a rare Friday night but instead, a necessity for us all.

Since we’re all #togetherathome, it’s a great time to double-task and incorporate beauty regimes into your days. If you get to WFH, it’s (finally!) acceptable to take a conference call while jade rolling your jawline and your top knot slicked back with a hair mask... as long as your video camera is turned off.

Turn your isolation into a never-ending spa retreat so when the world does resume back to normal, you’ll emerge from your quarantine cocoon looking and feeling better than ever.

Here are some DIY beauty treatments to make the most of your social distancing. 

Show Your Locks Some Love

The combination of stir-crazy boredom, missing your weekly DryBar appointments, and a few too many glasses of rosé might be causing you to have serious thoughts about your current hairdo.

Rather than reaching for the scissors (like Pink did), try a nourishing hair treatment instead. Make a moisturizing, natural hair mask by slathering on some organic coconut oil. You can also regulate your scalp’s PH and infuse the mask with other botanicals like a few drops of tea tree oil or try a product like VIVI Natural’s CBDetox Scalp Elixir. For all our sake, just leave the cutting and coloring to the professionals.

DIY Cellulite Body Scrub

Feel a bit extra with this exfoliation treatment - it’s time to glow, girl! The first step to amazing, Beyonce-like skin is a proper exfoliation to brush away dead skin cells and let fresh layers shine through. Get the treatments sans spa with a natural, DIY cellulite body scrub.

Simply mix leftover coffee grinds, coconut oil, and brown sugar to create a luxurious, heavenly-smelling scrub. Caffeine naturally tightens skin, sugar exfoliates dead skin cells, and coconut oil moisturizes. Rub-a-dub your entire body in your shower and rinse after. Post-shower, you’ll see a sheen on your skin like never before!

Hydrate Inside and Out

After an intense exfoliation, your body will crave extra moisture. Sip some homemade spa detox water and smear on body lotion head to toe asap. To take things up a notch, indulge in a luxe, calming body cream like VIVI Naturals Body Lotion. Aside from its optimum moisturizing benefits, it’s infused with active ingredients like CBD to calm the body and mind. It even promotes a positive mood and a better night’s sleep!

Beauty Comes From Within

As beautiful as one can feel after some special spa treatments, beauty comes from within. If you’re not in the right headspace, your stress and anxiety will rise to the surface of even the most flawless complexions. Dedicate time during this social distancing period to work on your internal beauty too. Try adding supplements, vitamins, and adaptogens into your diet or trying these ancient wellness regimes to set yourself straight internally.

Another way to ensure internal beauty is to boost your immune system. This complex system is vital to keep in optimum shape, especially with the threat of COVID-19. Add CBD products into your daily routine to help your body maintain a biological balance overall. CBD aids in better sleep and lowering stress levels which in turn, creates a stronger immune system.


When you WFH you can work on yourself at the same time. We might as well make the most of this quarantine and use our time indoors to its full potential. Enjoy transforming your daily Monday to Friday routine into one that promotes self-love!