Your guide to summer hair health

When you think about all of the fun activities that summer brings, it's no wonder that it takes a toll on your locks: salty ocean swims, chlorine pool dips, and extra sun exposure. In just a few short weeks, shiny, easily managed hair starts to feel fried, tangled, and lackluster.


That's why we're unpacking the topic. Here is your guide to summer hair health and what you can do it protect your locks all season long. Watch out Ariel, because soon enough, you'll have mermaid hair too.

Keep up with summer shedding

We don't just shed clothes in the hot months - we shed more hair too.


Summertime hair loss is real and research suggests that we may lose more hair in warmer months. Why? When hair is subjected to extreme weather, up to 10% of hair follicles can prematurely enter the resting phase of the hair cycle leading to extra hair shedding. 


You can holistically keep up with extra hair loss with Biotin. Biotin, or vitamin H, is one of the B complex vitamins that promote healthier hair, skin, and nails. Pop a daily biotin supplement or eat foods rich in the stuff like legumes, egg yolks, sweet potatoes, and nuts.


Make things easy with a yummy vitamin gummy that has both biotin and our next must-have hair ingredient, CBD, with Daily Vivant, one of our best-selling CBD gummies.

Soothe your sun-exposed scalp

Let's be honest, we all get a little too much sun in the summer. If you find yourself sunburnt, your scalp and hair probably took a beating too. You can relieve hair sun damage with natural, holistic ingredients like aloe vera, adaptogens, peptides, and CBD (hemp oil) that help seal in moisture. 


Don't be afraid to spray hair with sunscreen - especially reaching your scalp. This sensitive skin is vulnerable and prone to flakes and redness. Not cute.


If your scalp does burn, apply aloe vera directly. You may need to balance out its PH with a soothing, natural scalp elixir that has scalp-loving additions like peppermint and tea tree oil if you do develop flakes.


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7 tips to improve your hair's health this summer

To wrap things up, here are 7 takeaways to start practicing today. These will set you up for success and prevent future damage.


  1. Shield hair with a scarf or hat. The best sun protection is avoiding the burn altogether! As if you needed another reason to buy that cute sunhat.
  2. Hydrate with a hair mask. The sun and warm temperatures dry out the hair from root to ends. Seal in moisture once a week with a moisturizing mask or DIY with coconut oil.
  3. Kick-off summer with a trim. One of the best ways to prevent breakage is by removing split, brittle ends. Start your pool season with a fresh cut.
  4. Put the straightener away. It's time to embrace those natural waves and leave the hot tools at home. You can compound damage if you heat style too frequently, so try to resist when possible.
  5. Smooth frizz and relieve overworked hair. Swap for a styling spray that strengthens hair and promotes growth. Just make sure it's filled with holistic hair-loving ingredients - not just styling agents!
  6. Take a break between washes. It seems counterproductive, but skipping a hair wash is a good thing in the summer. Shampoo can dry hair out if done too much, so just rinse or condition it when you can.
  7. Experiment with loose styles. It's the perfect time to play with braids, top knots, and carefree styles. As frizz takes over, lean into the messy look and trust us, you can make it work.


It may feel extra, but don't hesitate to switch things up from season to season. Some body-loving ingredients like CBD can be even better in the summer - along with many other things. Until next time, pool anyone?