How to Swap Your Skincare for Summer

Curious about how to change your skincare routine for summer?

A turnover in seasons means your skin is undergoing new stresses like a change in temperature, humidity, sun exposure, and more. For your clearest, glossiest summer yet, here's what you need to consider for an effective summer skincare routine.

Make SPF Your BFF

First things first, SUN. SPF is a positive skincare staple year-round, but the sunny days of summer make it mandatory. Be sure to apply SPF to the face (and body) daily - even if you work at home! You'd be surprised how much sun exposure you get through your windows. 


Daily sun protection will help fight the signs of aging, prevent early fine lines and wrinkles, avoid redness, stop DNA damage, and prevent skin cancer. Many products include SPF protection, so find one that works into your routine.

Brighten Up with Vitamin C

Glow up with a Vitamin C serum in the summer. It's a great way to revive your complexion and brighten any dull patches that are leftover from the winter. In the summer mornings, try a Vitamin C serum under your daily moisturizer for brighter, more glowing skin all day long. Integrating a Vitamin C product will help even out skin tone, reduce under-eye circles, fade hyperpigmentation, promote collagen production, and more.


Vitamin C is great for the body inside and out. While your skin loves it, so does your immune system. Give it a boost with our C-Sweet CBD Gummies. These sweet treats provide a full daily dose of Vitamin C plus CBD and adaptogens to help the mind and body cope with stress.

Plan for Extra Exfoliation

During hot, humid summer months, pores can get extra clogged - especially if you have oily or acne-prone skin. Since you can only remove so much sweat, dirt, and oils via cleanser, adding a little extra exfoliation to your routine can help clear those summer pores. 


Try using a physical exfoliator like a scrub or brush two or three times per week. Chemical exfoliators, like glycolic acid, are another option to slough away dead skin cells and reveal younger, more glowing skin.


Note: Don't exfoliate right before sun exposure! Exfoliation can make the skin more sensitive.

Less is More

Summer brings hotter weather which means you're bound to perspire more often. In an effort to clear your skin and let it breathe easier, try to opt for combination products. That means, look for products that offer multiple uses and benefits, rather than layering multiple products on top of one another.


For example, use a tinted moisturizer instead of lotion plus foundation. Or, try a makeup finishing powder that also offers SPF protection. The list goes on so find your favorites and relish in the ease of "less is more" this season.

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Extra Tips for Summer Skincare

Here are some extra dermatologist-approved tips to care for your skin this summer.

  • Drink, drink, drink WATER - Load up on that H2O to make sure your skin is hydrated from the inside out.
  • Use non-comedogenic makeup - A fancy word for products that won't clog or block pores, look for non-comedogenic makeups and lotions to prevent breakouts.
  • Avoid hot, long showers - Cut down on shower time and use cooler waters to prevent drying out your skin.
  • Stick to the shade - When possible, just avoid sun exposure altogether. Your hands, chest, and shoulders will thank you!