The Next Big Thing in Wellness is Small: Meet Nano CBD

Micro CBD may be small, but it’s a BIG deal. Learn what micro CBD is and why it’s proving to be better than other forms.

We all know CBD is growing in popularity but there’s a new player in the wellness game. Enter, Nano CBD.  

This trendy, new element is finding its way into skincare products, supplements, oils - you name it. But what’s the big deal about this tiny ingredient?

Keep reading to dive into the facts behind nano CBD and answer all your burning questions about this miracle substance.

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What is Nano CBD?

The word “nano” is involved, so we know nano CBD is small - like, really small. Because nano CBD particles are smaller, they are easier to absorb into the bloodstream. How?

Nano CBD is cannabidiol, or CBD, enhanced with an emulsifier called a carrier. This added carrier aids in the absorption of micro CBD particles into the body.

“Nano CBD is a CBD molecule coated with very small particles, such as liposomes or lipid nanoparticles (LNPs), that stabilize the CBD and can move in our blood faster than 'naked' CBD, to effectively reach the target.”

- Dr. Itzhak Kurek, Ph.D., co-founder & CEO of Cannformatics via WeedMaps

Although nano CBD is generally new to the scene, the technology behind it isn’t. These teeny tiny delivery technologies are widely used by pharmaceutical companies to ensure bioavailability.

Bioavailability, to put it simply, is the proportion of a substance that enters the body’s circulation. Basically, it’s the percentage that your body absorbs. Different forms of CBD achieve varying levels of bioavailability. 

Which Is Better: CBD Oil or Nano CBD?

Both CBD oil and nano CBD have great benefits. Oil-based CBD is known to have a slower, more sustained release into the bloodstream. About 20% of the CBD oil reaches your bloodstream directly.

However, nano CBD has a near 100% absorption rate. That means you feel the impact faster. Nano CBD is estimated to work 3-4 times faster than CBD oil!

Nano CBD, especially water-soluble forms, reduce the compounds found in CBD oil. This reduction helps increase the absorption speed.

Try out nano CBD for yourself

Now that you know micro CBD is superior, it’s easy to see why VIVI Naturals made the commitment to use this form.

It is premium ingredients like nano CBD that set VIVI apart. Superior ingredients are the foundation for better products and many other CBD brands opt for cheaper ingredients.

VIVI’s CBDetox scalp elixir uses a proprietary formulation packed with a highly potent Nano CBD that absorbs quickly to provide the highest bioavailability for maximum relief. 

Another product to try with nano CBD is our gummies, like Daily Vivant. VIVI’s organic, nano-emulsified broad-spectrum CBD is combined with a potent blend of multivitamins and nutrients. This helps boost your overall health, wellness, and beauty.

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In conclusion, nano CBD is a BFD. It’s more potent since your body absorbs a higher percentage of it. Plus, you reap its benefits faster since it kicks in quicker. What’s not to love? Less is more when it comes to nano CBD.