The Importance of Hand Sanitizer

It’s no surprise that hand sanitizer has become a coveted item everywhere in the midst of a global pandemic.

The importance of hand sanitizer in 2020 is obvious: to prevent catching (and spreading) coronavirus. But hand sanitizer was a medical staple long before COVID-19. Plus, it’s more important than you think.

Using it doesn’t just protect you. Hand sanitizer helps everyone you come in contact with (including every surface you touch and leave behind). We all benefit from its use.

Benefits of Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer helps prevent illnesses like common colds and seasonal flu. This prevention is vital because it keeps people in the workforce and children in school. Employees that use hand sanitizer 5+ times a workday are 67% less likely to get sick. 

If that doesn’t make you wanna buy the stuff, only 1 in 5 people wash their hands after they use the bathroom… let that sink in. Gross.

The CDC says that “soap and water work to remove all types of germs from hands, while sanitizer acts by killing certain germs on the skin.”

Properly washing hands with soap and water is a necessity, but you can’t beat the convenience of hand sanitizer. It allows quick, effective hygiene whenever, wherever.

Hand sanitizer is also environmentally friendly by reducing paper towel use and water consumption. 

Hand sanitizer vs washing hands

Let’s be real - both are great. Using hand sanitizer and washing your hands is essential for proper hygiene and to safeguard yourself against this (scary) coronavirus. So what’s the difference?

Dr. Justin Ko, chief of medical dermatology at Stanford Health Care, in a Time article said:

“Soap and water rinses away germs and dirt, but also strips the natural, protective oils in your skin, causing it to dry out.” On the flip side, “alcohol-based sanitizers kill microbes on the skin without removing any debris.”

Essentially, both dry out your skin. However, hand sanitizer may irritate your hands less than soap. 

Dr. Ko recommends using hand sanitizer “when it makes the most sense, like after touching a door handle or another surface that might carry germs, instead of repeatedly washing your hands.”

How to choose hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer sales were up 470% this year leaving nothing but empty shelves nationwide in March. Even though sales are leveling out now, people are still on the hunt for the magical liquid and even buying it in bulk.

When you buy hand sanitizer make sure it’s always over 60% alcohol. That’s the minimum level needed to kill germs.

When using it, cover every surface of your hands and rub it in completely to promote its full potency.

Level up your hand sanitizer

Thankfully, modern lifestyle brands have improved your generic alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Some options even contain premium ingredients to prevent drying out your skin, like Vita+.

VIVI Natural’s new, limited-edition Vita+ is 99.9% effective against germs. Plus, it keeps hands sanitized and moisturized because it’s filled with antioxidants and botanical ingredients like vitamin E, peppermint oil, and aloe vera.

This effective and universal formula was made to deliver protection against the outside world while also giving back. In an effort to combat COVID-19, 100% of the net proceeds of the hand sanitizer gel will be donated to the World Vision Organization.

Learn more about VIVI’s mission.

Hand sanitizer is an everyday essential and now it’s more important than ever. Remind yourself - and others - to use it frequently so we can all live a healthier and more worry-free life.