Tips for Staying Healthy this Winter

Colder weather brings an influx of seasonal illnesses (hey, common cold!) making many seek new ways to stay healthy. However, physical health is only one piece of the puzzle. You should also prioritize mental and emotional health since these chilly months also bring along seasonal depression and other ailments.


Following a healthy, holistic lifestyle year-round can help ward off winter problems, but there are more best practices to incorporate into your routine. Here are some tips for head to toe wellness this season so you can stay healthy all winter long!

Wash your hands, all the time

It’s not rocket science. Washing your hands kills germs and therefore, helps you stay healthier. Regardless of COVID-19, washing your hands is a fundamental principle of winter health since common colds, the flu and other seasonal illnesses run rampant. You can sanitize your hands even when a sink isn’t nearby with hand sanitizer. Nourish hands with Vita+ Gel, a hand sanitizer effective against germs but loaded with adaptogens and healing properties. Did we mention that it also comes in a spray version? Meet Vita+ Spray.

Protect yourself from seasonal depression

Days get longer and darker this time of year and we all feel the effects. The energetic summer vibes fade, causing some to develop seasonal depression. Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, is a serious condition estimated to affect 10 million Americans. To ward off the “winter blues,
spend time outdoors and enjoy some sunshine. Stay social by speaking or visiting friends and family. Ease your mind with meditation or journaling. Also, be sure to recover fully with plenty of sleep each night. To avoid counting sheep, try Catching Z’s. It’s a sweet gummy treat designed for sleepy time with CBD and melatonin. 

Strengthen your immunity with vitamin C

If you get the sniffles, many people will recommend you take some extra vitamin C. Why? Well, the vitamin is packed with antioxidants that directly boost the immune system by helping white blood cells naturally strengthen your body’s defences. Antioxidants protect cells from “free radicals” aka harmful molecules like common illnesses. Vitamin C is a medical marvel, so be sure to get your daily dose during the winter. Thankfully it’s pretty easy to do with a balanced diet or you can level up with a CBD gummy, like VIVI’s C-Sweet.


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Take extra care of your hair and scalp

Temperatures can drop drastically when winter rolls around and this change in climate is harsh on both your strands and scalp. Dry, cold winter air can cause breakage and throw off your scalp’s PH. Plus, hair grows slower in colder temperatures so you are not replenishing the locks that you lose. You can combat hair damage with a supplement, like VIVI’s Daily Vivant CBD gummy. It has hemp extract to nourish hair, biotin to boost hair growth and multivitamins for overall wellness head to toe. To help your scalp, you can introduce a lightweight treatment like ROOT 66. This abundance serum uses natural DHT blockers to thicken hair and prevent hair loss while caffeine and green tea awaken follicles and increase blood flow.


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It’s okay to be extra when it comes to wellness, especially in the winter. Prioritize self-care and make sure that you’re noting how you feel and make adjustments as you need. Products designed for wellness can make a holistic lifestyle simpler, but more importantly, make you feel better. Hopefully, you’ll find that these tips are so great, you’ll adopt them year-round!