The Endless Benefits of CBD Gummies

Have you heard of CBD gummies yet? These snacks might look like something from your childhood, but they’re far from it. CBD gummies contain all the benefits of CBD, but VIVI Natural’s range offers more because of their mindfully crafted formulas for 24/7 wellness.

There is no time like the present. Post-holidays is the perfect season to try CBD gummies because winter takes a toll on the immune system. Getting through the chilly season challenges your body as it is forced to acclimate to new temperatures and fight off common threats like colds and the flu (and hopefully not COVID!). Plus, holiday stress takes a serious toll as we build anxiety, lose sleep, or travel.

Taking a multivitamin helps, but popping pills every morning isn’t an enjoyable ritual. Enter vitamin gummies, and even better: VIVI’s range of three CBD options. 

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The Benefits of Taking CBD

First, let’s talk about the benefits of CBD because all of VIVI Naturals gummies contain organic, broad-spectrum Nano-emulsified Cannabinoids, or CBD. 

Scientific studies discovered that the human body has an endocannabinoid system, or ECS, which functions to promote biological harmony when you respond to environmental changes. Basically, the ECS is involved in daily processes like mood, appetite, stress, pain, memory, metabolism, and more. Taking CBD helps elevate your body’s natural ECS, reduces inflammation, and keeps your body’s biological responses balanced. 

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Boost Your Immune System with The C-Sweet

The C-Sweet is a boost of pure bliss, helping unveil your inner fighting skills to shield your body and mind from illness and inflammation. This CBD gummy formula is power-packed with Vitamin C, a key contender for naturally heightening the body’s immune system, plus a superhero antioxidant combination. The C-Sweet is also formulated to help the body absorb iron, promote healthy heart function, and relieve inflammation. 

Enhance Everyday Health with Daily Vivant

Meet VIVI’s solution to head to toe wellness: Daily Vivant. This CBD gummy provides your daily dose of multivitamins, zinc, and antioxidants. It also has biotin to promote hair and nail growth. Daily Vivant is the perfect supplement to maintain overall energy, wellness and beauty.

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Sleep Better with Catching Z’s

If you’re a fan of sleeping pills, swap out your bottle for Catching Z’s. These sweet treats combine melatonin (a natural sleep aid) with CBD to help you drift off the dreamland. But there’s more. Catching Z’s also have antioxidants to help restore cells overnight and assist in protecting cells from damaging free radicals that cause illness and inflammation.

Taking CBD gummies is a tasty, easy way to level-up your supplement ritual. They’re bound to become a new favorite holistic staple. A regular dose of CBD, plus healthy vitamins, antioxidants, and more, is just one more way that VIVI is bringing holistic wellness within reach.

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