Seasonal Hair Loss in Spring

In the spring, Mother Nature and your follicles are both experiencing awakenings. Although spring can be a lovely time of year, some people may experience a surprise due to hair loss. Many people experience hair loss in the spring, a typical issue that many different circumstances can bring on.

Your follicles experience a spring hair loss in addition to the spring hair growth spike. Continue reading to learn about spring hair loss in detail and how you can deal with it. 

What Is Spring Hair Loss?

People have been using this oil for years to improve skin health. But coconut oil is a blessing for people with dry scalps. This oiSeasonal hair loss is possible and is typically brought on by environmental factors. Due to the reduced levels of vitamin D produced throughout the fall and winter months, hair loss is more prevalent at these times.

Variations in temperature and humidity can also impact the condition of hair. Seasonal hair loss, however, is often brief and should not raise any issues unless it lasts more than a few months.

Seasonal hair shedding, commonly called spring hair loss, affects both men and women regularly. Hair follicles go into a resting phase during this time, which causes hair to come out more quickly than usual.

The longer days and more exposure to sunshine in the spring usually make it more apparent. While this shedding is natural, severe hair loss may point to a more serious condition that needs to be checked out by a doctor. A balanced diet and way of living can also encourage healthy hair development.

Normal Hair Shedding

People typically lose between 50 and 100 hairs daily, which is natural for this to happen as part of your hair cycle. Aging, hormonal changes, stress, and some drugs can influence hair shedding. However, excessive hair loss may indicate a health problem, such as thyroid problems or alopecia. Additionally, regular hair loss in such circumstances might be accelerated by anxiety and serious medical disorders.

Treatments for Seasonal Hair Loss in Spring

The following methods can lessen hair loss in the spring:

Massage Your Scalp

The stimulation of hair follicles by scalp massage leads to an increase in scalp blood flow and hair growth. Make sure to get your hands on an excellent hair growth serum like Root 66 by VIVI Naturals, which contains green tea and caffeine to awaken hair follicles and boost hair growth and overall hair wellness.

Manage Stress

It is crucial to regulate stress levels through practices like meditation, yoga, or exercise because stress can be a substantial contributor to hair loss.

Exercise Good Hair Hygiene

Use a gentle shampoo and conditioner to avoid harming your hair when you wash it. Additionally, you should avoid using hot water and high-heat styling equipment that might harm your hair even more.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

Proteins, vitamins, and minerals in a balanced diet can aid in promoting hair development and reducing hair loss. Foods high in nutrients that can strengthen hair include eggs, spinach, almonds, and berries.

Bottom Line

Our clothing and allergies are the first things that come to mind when a season changes. Although for other ladies, the harsh reality of hair loss can result from the change in season. Like seasonal allergies, seasonal hair loss occurs when a change in the temperature causes stress in the scalp and hair follicles. In turn, it causes hair to fall out more quickly than usual.

The concern is normal if you see more hair than usual on your brushes, in the shower, or on the bathroom floor. However, massaging your scalp, managing stress, exercising good hair hygiene, and maintaining a healthy diet can help.