How to Transition to a Summer Skincare Routine

Each season presents a fresh opportunity to improve our skincare routines, and as summer temperatures rise, so do the demands for maintaining your healthy skin regimen. While going to your go-to esthetician is a great choice, you can also maintain consistent maintenance at home to keep your skin radiant all season long.

This winter was particularly harsh because it had the normal blizzards, slush, and cold temperatures that mess with the texture of our skin. Since we have been layering on thick moisturizers and creams to preserve our skin, we need to approach goods differently now that the weather is warmer.

So how do we switch from a winter skincare regimen to a summer-appropriate one? Continue reading this piece to learn how to transition to a summer skincare routine with easy methods.

Switch to a Light Moisturizer

Heavy creams are a blessing on dry winter skin, but applying them to a sweaty, sticky face is not the best idea. We need to employ effective occlusives and emollients to stop transepidermal water loss when the climate is cold and dry.

We might not need strong occlusives to keep our skin hydrated as the temperatures and humidity rise, and heavier creams can feel greasy and sticky. They may also cause your skin to become too oily and increase the likelihood of breakouts. It will feel better to use a lighter moisturizer containing humectants and emollients.

Exfoliate Your Skin Every Week

The onset of summer is the perfect moment to reconsider weekly exfoliation, specifically two times a week. During the winter, your skin can become dry and flaky. In addition, many dry skin cells fall off while others remain on your skin.

A dull complexion and clogged pores may result from this. Sweat and pollution should be included. Your skin is prepared to breathe deeply at this time. Exfoliation is essential for healthy, radiant skin because of this. Exfoliating keeps all these things from accumulating and prepares your skin to absorb further skincare products effectively.

Focus on Sun-Protection

During the warmer months, the earth is closer to the sun physically, which causes UV radiation to be stronger. Therefore, protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays is important for long-term skin health maintenance and avoiding premature aging. This entails using a moisturizer and SPF daily, either beneath your makeup or before leaving the house. If you have been a diligent sunscreen user, you should increase your dosage.

Do Not Forget Your Lash Serum

A good skincare routine is incomplete if you do nothing for your eyelashes and eyebrows. A lash or brow growth serum like Sagano by VIVI Naturals can help you achieve luscious and voluminous eyelashes and eyebrows. With excellent ingredients, the serum prevents your existing lash and brow hair from falling out, making them look youthful, longer, and stronger. Besides promoting hair growth, Sagano also helps to maintain color vibrancy.

Bottom Line

Achieving a healthy skincare routine is challenging if you do not work on improving your body from within. Therefore, pair your new skincare routine with eating a balanced diet, getting adequate sleep, and exercising.