Natural Autumn Nail Trends for 2020

Ready or not, cooler weather is coming. Whether you’re watching the leaves change in NY or still tanning in season-less LA, fall fashion and beauty trends are among us. Before you order your first PSL latte, let’s launch into 2020’s top autumn nail trends.

This fall season may feel different *cough COVID cough* but even a pandemic won’t stop your digits from looking up-to-date. Leave the whites and summery shades behind and swap your nail polish roster with these must-try nail trends.

Top 2020 Fall Nail Polish Shades

We love matching the sweater weather outside with darker, statement shades, so this year’s lineup of hues is on point. If a nail salon isn’t open nearby (thanks, COVID), rest assured you can find these hues online! 

fall 2020 nail color shades


All that glitters isn’t gold, unless you’re talking about your nails. This season is welcoming silvers, golds and gunmetals so let your inner rock star out. Expand your arsenal to metallic purples, blues, or browns too. Bronze champagne, anyone?


Deep berry tones are a fall nail classic, and this year is no exception. Add some burgundy, dark cherry and deep purples to enrich your collection. Extra perk: wine-inspired shades look great holding a glass of red. 

Golden Yellow

Like a mustard yellow, golden yellows are this autumn’s way of staying positive. Plus, this happy, unexpected golden shade looks great paired with cream sweaters and camel leather.

Burnt Orange

Put the creamsicle shade of summer down and opt for it’s darker cousin, burnt orange. It’s the middle man between burgundy and golden yellow, but the perfect accomplice to watching a fall sunset!

Deep Teal

Cooler weather may make you feel blue, but let your nails do the talking. Deep teal has emerged as 2020’s favorite moody shade. Not a fan of teal? Any shade of blue will do, since sky blue and navy are also trending.


Nude nails are a summer staple, but without a tan, they don’t look so hot. Try a darker brown, natural shade like chocolate instead. If your skin tone can’t indulge in this color range, try a slate gray alternative. 


Matte Polish is a Must

To transition any shade into fall, try using a matte top coat instead of your normal shiny lacquer. There’s something about the unexpected matte finish that plays well with the changing leaves and chilly wind. Investing in a matte top coat is a quick way to change things up, all year long. Plus, matte looks great on any color - or ombre!

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Natural Nail Care is Always in Season

While we love embracing the season’s newest shades and trends, it’s always smart to opt for holistic nail care options and alternatives. Nail polish, removers, shellacs, gels, and everything else in between is typically stacked with chemicals.

Thankfully, natural nail brands have become increasingly popular and comparable in quality. Plus, they offer all the same trending shades! Some of our favorite natural brands are Zoya and Olive & June.

Whether you’re snuggling up to the fireplace or exploring a pumpkin patch, fall nails are a fun and easy way to update your outfits for the fall season. Just don’t forget to keep those fancy nails clean with some hand sanitizer - like Vita+!