Make Your Hair Appear Thicker And Fuller

Do you have thinning hair? Don’t worry, because the right styling techniques can give you thicker-looking hair. Almost everyone wants thick and luscious hair, but most of us face issues, such as thinning and shedding of hair. While you can use CB-Detox hair serum to prevent hair issues such as dandruff, a few styling tips can help you rock your locks while you’re at it. With the following tips, you can feel confident with thicker-looking hair:

1. Fake Thicker Hair with Extensions

If you are a fan of voluminous hair looks such as a thick high ponytail, clip-in extensions must be your go-to choice. Not only do these extensions add length to your hair, but they also give a fuller appearance.

What’s more? They are also easily removable and cause the least damage to your hair. They give you hair instant volume, and you can work them into any hairstyle. All you have to do is section your hair and clip an extension near the root of each strand. 

2. Flip Your Part

Have you been wearing the same part for years? If so, changing it is the easiest way to instantly reduce the appearance of thinning hair. You can easily add body to flat, thin hair by flipping your part and making a new section.

Parting your hair in the same area for years can cause it to grow limp. On the other hand, it can also cause the parting line to get wider and sparser with the passage of time. Simply flipping your part will provide instant volume and fullness as you style your hair against its natural fall.

3. Use a Shampoo and Conditioner

A greasy scalp and hair can make it look thinner. If you are going for a fuller and voluminous look, make sure you wash your hair. This will remove all the grease from the hair that causes hair to clump together and fall flat.

Make sure you choose a shampoo containing nourishing ingredients that promote the growth of thicker hair. You can also try out the Daily Vivant gummies if you think your hair and body need a boost of nourishment.

While washing your hair with shampoo is enough to add volume, you can also opt for a volumizing conditioner before styling your hair. This will ensure maximum volume and a thicker appearance.

4. Never Skip the Blow Dryer

People with thinner hair can opt to air-dry their hair after they wash it. This is the reason most people with thin, lighter hair tend to skip blow-drying. While it is faster and easier to do so, blow-drying your hair may be worth the effort.

You must always opt for a blow dryer among all the other styling tools. It can best give you a fuller appearance, unlike straighteners and curlers that work to smoothen the hair.

  • Use a volumizing product on pre damp hair (you can also try the Root 66 Serum that can help with hair loss and improve overall hair wellness).
  • Next, section your hair and start to blow dry. 
  • Use a round brush and hold your hair straight up, focusing the heat at the roots and underside of each strand of hair.