How to Switch Up Your Regime for Spring

Different products work differently for our skin and bodies as seasons change, hence switching up our regime is more necessary than optional. After days of warring with cracked elbows and lips, dry skin and rough knuckles, spring comes as a more than welcome season for many. But while most get busy celebrating the return of favorable temperatures and bright pops of cherry blossoms, you must pay attention to switching up your regime for spring too.

You see, there’s no beauty arsenal that works equally well all year round. As the temperature changes, so do the needs of your skin and catering to them is necessary. Hence, we’re here with an easy guide to help you switch your regime for this glorious spring season.

1. Add a Serum 

Products like Root 66 and CB-Detox by VIVI Naturals deserve to be in your beauty arsenal all year round. But certain serums are particularly useful during the spring season for you.


We love frolicking in the waves on sunny days at the beach in spring, don’t we? But do you know the cost your skin has to pay for a day of fun? Well, you can protect your skin against the harmful UV rays by using a Vitamin C and E serum. 


It contains more antioxidants that will facilitate skin repair and also boost collagen production. Plus, vitamin E plays a great part in protecting our skin against sun damage. 

2. Buy a Spring-Friendly Facial Cleanser

For the spring season, your skin would truly benefit from a gentle facial cleanser, perhaps micellar water itself. Gentle facial cleansers are necessary for lifting off the sweat, dirt and oil accumulated on your skin, while intensely purifying, soothing and hydrating your tender skin.


Gentle facial cleaners don’t over-dry but rather softly cleanse and replenish the skin. 

3. Invest in a Broad-Spectrum SPF

During the spring season specifically, you must ensure using a broad-spectrum SPF as the final step of your skin care routine in the morning. In fact, not just spring but make this a permanent habit for all seasons.


Skincare specialists can tell you how the UV rays can pierce through your skin even on cloudy days. Surely you can imagine what they’d do when you fully expose your skin to the sun of warm spring days. Hence, using an SPF 50 or SPF 30 fifteen to thirty minutes before stepping out into the sun will protect against skin cancer, sunburn, sun spots and wrinkles. 

4. Add Exfoliation to Your Regime

We discourage our readers from exfoliating in the painfully dry winter days because the grainy product can irritate and redden moisture-deprived skin. But spring air persistently contains moisture so using a light exfoliator is a good practice.


During the spring months, try exfoliating at least twice a week to buff your dead skin cells away. This practice will help reveal the brighter and fresher layer of skin underneath. It will also keep your skin smoother, radiant and healthier. 


Gentle exfoliators such as glycolic acid are also a good option for sensitive skin. 

5. Swap a Heavyweight Moisturizer with a Lightweight One 

We emphasize moisturizing the skin twice a day, all year round. But while heavy formulas work better for the harsh dry winter months, the same does not work for spring. Hence, when the warm and colorful season approaches, you must swap your heavyweight moisturizer for a lightweight one. For instance, a water-based formula might be a good option.