Lash Shedding Season – Facts and Myths

As weather gets warmer, you may be interested in learning about seasonal lash shedding. Many people ask why they are losing more lashes. Remember that it is all-natural, and you do not need to worry. Many people often forget that eyelash hair is made similarly to the hair on their scalp.

Every hair on our bodies sheds and regrows. The cycle of hair shedding varies for different body areas. If you wax frequently, you have undoubtedly noticed this already. Eyelashes lose hair and are replaced with new lash hair, like the hair on your head and body.

How Much Eyelash Shedding Is Normal?

We naturally lose five lashes per day on average. This lash shedding is regarded as typical and healthy. The lashes that your customers lose are not completely lost. Instead, they are going through a cycle of development and change, followed by rest. We always have hairs that are in one of the four stages of growth:

Initial Growth Phase:

In this stage, the skin is where the lash growth begins. At this point, the lashes are hardly visible. They are tiny, fragile, and lack strength since they are still in the “infant” stage.

Anagen Phase:

After breaking through the skin’s surface, the lashes grow thicker and longer at this stage. At this time, lashes exhibit some tenacity and toughness.

Catagen Phase:

In this stage, eyelash growth comes to an end.

Resting Phase:

An eyelash’s life cycle is ending at this point, and it is getting ready for a new one to start growing.

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What Is the Lash Shedding Season?

Humans also shed their hair (including our eyelashes) in preparation for the impending change in temperatures, just like animals do when they lose their thick coats for the hotter weather. With its lower humidity levels, winter weather can make lashes more brittle and prone to falling out.

On the other hand, warmer weather may cause certain people’s skin to sweat more and create more oils, impacting retention. We can lose up to 5-7 natural eyelashes per day during our normal shedding cycle, but in the spring and fall, when the weather is changing, this can substantially increase. ‘Lash Shedding Season’ is what this is all about.

Intense heat during the summer may cause more lash hairs to enter the telogen stage, which inhibits further growth and ends the lifetime. As a result, all the lashes that were “resting” during the summer are now prepared to fall out over the upcoming month or two in the spring.

There is a greater possibility that sweat and dirt may clog the pores and smother the natural lashes during the summer because our lash line follicles accumulate more sweat, oil, and makeup residue during this time than during other seasons. This obstruction can hasten the lash lifecycle and cause severe lash fallout by inhibiting the growth of lashes during the growth phase (anagen phase).

Bottom Line

Lash shedding during spring is normal due to the weather’s impact on your hair. Losing around five lashes daily is normal, but you may need to incorporate a lash growth serum in your routine if your eyelash shedding is excessive.