How to naturally grow longer, thicker lashes

Waking up with a beautiful fan of lashes is something we'd all love to have, right? Well, as luck would have it, thin or short eyelashes are more common than we like to admit. Thankfully, there are ways to holistically and naturally promote your lashes to grow stronger, thicker, and longer. How? Well, just keep reading.

How do eyelashes grow?

Do eyelashes grow like the hair on our heads? In short, yes, but there's a catch. There are three phases to the hair's growth cycle. First, it's the anagen (growth) phase, second, the catagen (transition) phase, and lastly, the telogen (resting) phase. To grow longer hair, you need to lengthen the time that hair remains in the anagen, or growth, phase.


The hairs on our heads can last in the anagen phase for up to 6 years. Eyelashes only grow for around 30 days. Simply put, lashes (and eyebrows) don't have the chance to grow too long before they shed.

What causes thinning eyelashes?

Eyelashes are delicate little things and many factors cause them to thin out. The biggest cause? Age. As we get older, our skin is less able to retain moisture. We also have hormonal imbalances which can cause decreased follicle growth of body hair overall. 


If you're younger and still suffering from minuscule lashes, it could be simple wear and tear. Between eye rubbing or products like a mascara or medicated eye drops, lashes are prone to dry up, break off or fall out prematurely. Overly thin lashes may also be a sign of a thyroid imbalance or a vitamin deficiency.

Natural ways to protect your eyelashes

The first, easiest way to protect your eyelashes is to take note of your habits. Avoiding any excess rubbing or tugging can significantly safeguard delicate lash hairs. So, take it easy with the eyelash curler. When removing eye makeup, be sure to do so as gently as possible using a soft microfiber cloth. 


Next, check your mascara. Never use a tube for longer than 3-6 months to avoid bacteria growth and possible infection. Then, never sleep in mascara! This dries out lashes or may even cause them to stick to your pillow and get yanked out. 

How to make eyelashes grow faster: lash serum

To help your eyelashes stay in the growth phase longer, they must remain healthy. That means, providing follicles with the right nutrients. How? Lash serum.


A lash serum is a shortcut to longer lashes. However, not all lash serums are created equal. Be mindful of ingredients and stay away from those with harsh chemicals or potentially dangerous side effects like darkening of eyelids and even iris pigmentation! Unless you want to risk your baby blues turning brown, find a natural solution.  


Natural lash serums host a holistic combination of vitamins, probiotics, amino acids, plant peptides, and adaptogens that can support an optimal environment for hair growth - without the harsh chemicals.


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