5 Beauty Perks of Probiotics

It's hard to follow a health publication or influencer and not hear about probiotics. This flora-boosting bacteria is famous for its dietary benefits and keeping our digestive system in order, but in recent years, probiotics have entered the beauty industry too.


Probiotics made their way into skincare years ago, and now hair care products are starting to promote the stuff. It's clear that probiotics are a great supplement to ingest, but are topical probiotics something to consider?


Keep reading to learn more about probiotics and for 5 beauty-related perks that your skin and hair will love. Let's get to it. 

What are probiotics?

Simply put, probiotics are living bacterias and yeasts that are good for you. While there are plenty of bad bacteria that cause disease or infection, probiotics are healthy germs that benefit different systems within your body. You can ingest probiotics through fermented foods like yogurt, sauerkraut, and kimchi or by taking a probiotic supplement.


Your body needs probiotics to function properly. Benefits of internal probiotics include increased immunity, improved digestion, urinary and vaginal health, and prevented allergies. But what about their beauty benefits?

5 Beauty Perks of Probiotics 

Here are five great reasons why probiotics deserve a spot in your beauty routine. Probiotics are known to:


  1. Rebuild the skin's barrier and support natural skin health.
  2. Protect against pollution and other everyday environmental stressors.
  3. Clear pores to potentially help those with acne or eczema. 
  4. Balance the skin to fight dandruff, irritation, and redness.
  5. Increase moisture content and soothing dry, flaky skin.

As you can imagine, all five of these benefits can drastically improve skin all over your body. But, probiotics are especially good on the scalp. A healthy scalp is the first step to healthier hair. 

How probiotics support healthier hair

Keeping your head straight is harder than you think. Because the skin of your head is sprouting hair, the scalp has more oil glands than other areas of your skin.


The scalp's skin is also a bit thicker, making it extra prone to buildup and clogged pores. And yes, scalp acne is totally a thing. Your scalp has its own ecosystem so probiotics can help balance microflora and PH levels.


If you're struggling to grow longer and stronger hair, the root of your hair problems might be your scalp. Trying hair products containing probiotics is a good place to start.

Beauty products with probiotics

Many brands are recognizing the powerful effects of probiotics and discovering their limitless potential in beauty products.


VIVI Naturals is a big fan of them. Our patented formula contains probiotics, so many of our products yield the benefits of this good bacteria. Putting holistic health first, our products are inspired by ancient beauty practices and backed by science.


Some of our best sellers contain probiotics, like CBDetox, a scalp elixir that soothes, relaxes, and revives overworked hair. Root 66 is your one-way ticket to everlasting volume and great lengths. Vita+ hand sanitizer nourishes hands while keeping them 99.9% germ-free.


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