How to get beautiful, natural eyebrows (without makeup)

Bold. Bushy. Beautiful. Brows. If you're like most of us, perfect eyebrows are a lifetime achievement. Everyone is looking for thick, fluffy eyebrows but without the genetics to back it up, it might be harder to get your eyebrows on fleek. So, how can you get beautiful, natural eyebrows?


Here are a few tips to naturally achieve bolder, thicker eyebrows - without makeup.

Take a break from waxing

The golden rule of growing out your eyebrows is simple: Leave them alone! Avoid plucking, tweezing, waxing, threading, or trimming your brows. Aside from daily grooming like brushing (more on that later), less is more.


If you use anti-aging products that contain popular ingredients like retinol or Vitamin A and C, it might be time to skip the waxing. These powerful ingredients can make the skin extra sensitive, so waxing may be too harsh. 


When eyebrows require professional shaping, try to space out your appointments as long as possible to ensure your skin is properly healed. After appointments, be sure to hydrate the affected skin with a moisturizer or aloe vera.

Practice proper skin care and brow etiquette

Your skincare routine is affecting your eyebrows as much as the rest of your face! To ensure proper hair growth, make sure you're taking care of the skin beneath your brows. 


That means exfoliating weekly to remove dead skin cells that can get caught within your brow hairs. Also, be sure to fully remove any makeup from the brows each night. You don't want to sleep with brow gel or powders that can block pores.


Daily, you should be brushing your brows. Just a simple fluff with an eyebrow brush or spoolie can help them appear fuller without makeup. Push the brow hairs in an up and outward direction.

Encourage hair growth with an eyebrow serum

Are you dealing with the consequences of over-plucking or simply thinner brows overall? Promote natural hair growth with the help of an eyebrow serum. Look for a natural formula that contains high-quality, holistic ingredients like probiotics, vitamins, amino acids, plant peptides, and adaptogens. 


We formulated our new Sagano Superfood Brow + Lash Serum (coming soon!) to restore the appearance of misshapen and over-plucked eyebrows. Through ancient, natural Japanese remedies like Reishi mushroom extract, Sagano is proven by science to:


+ Nourish & strengthen hair

+ Promote softer, more youthful-looking brows

+ Use Reishi Extract to support hair repair and reduce breakage

+ Reverse aging damage and protect from future harm via Adaptogens

+ Encourage hair growth with Biotin, Probiotics & Amino Acids to promote

+ Maintain color vibrancy

+ Also promote the growth of eyelashes!


More on the blog: The Beauty Benefits of Reishi Mushrooms

Love yourself and your brows

Every person's face is different and thus, so are our eyebrows. Even our own two eyebrows aren't the same! It's time to put down the mirror, stop scrolling through Insta-fluencers, and practice some self-love. 


Regardless of the shape of your eyebrows, they were designed for YOUR face. Embrace your natural beauty and never forget to love yourself - and your brows! That inner confidence will look more on fleek than any eyebrow.