How to Care for Your Skin with Minimal Products

Nobody can argue against must-haves like The C-Sweet, Daily Vivant and Catching Z’s gummies by VIVI Naturals for your head to toe wellness, immunity and good sleep. But what about the other products? Once you step into a supermarket aisle, you’ll probably feel dozens of customer representatives closing upon you to buy this and that product for great skin.

But dermatologists around the world are now pushing for a minimalist skin care routine. It’s easy and simple for everyone to follow and does not require a mountain of products to achieve good skin. Below is a guide on how you can take care of your skin with minimal products.

1. Start with a Cleanser

Never skimp on a cleanser, regardless of your skin type. This is the product that helps clear sweat, dirt, oil and environmental pollutants off your skin and leaves it looking fresher and smoother. You could use a gentle cleanser if you’re acne-prone and have oily skin.

If your skin is sensitive, then perhaps a non-alcoholic cleanser would be a better option. Cleaners without alcohol will not burn, sting or irritate your tender skin.

2. Never Miss Sunscreen

No matter how minimalist you wish to go with your skincare, never leave a broad-spectrum SPF out of your regime. UV rays can damage your skin all year round, which is why it is necessary to wear sunscreen everyday.

Even a minimum of SPF 30 will suffice to protect your skin from cancer, wrinkles, sunburn, sun spots and premature aging, which can all occur due to UV damage. You must note that a facial sunscreen is an essential step that ties the rest of your skincare together.

By opting for sun protection from an early age, you set the stage for beautiful, radiant and healthy skin for life. It's not only protection against cancer but a good sunscreen will also delay your skin’s aging process by a good measure.

3. Moisturizer

If your skin falls into the normal category, which is neither too dry nor too oily, then a light moisturizer will suffice for you. For those who have oily skin, a lightweight and hydrating moisturizer, perhaps one containing hyaluronic acid, will be a better pick.

People who have a dry skin would fare well with a thicker formula, featuring an emollient base. The skin experts recommend using a prescribed ointment or cream for those who have extremely dry or sensitive skin. These products do not irritate or cause as much redness as perhaps lotions would.

The purpose of following a minimalist skincare routine is not only to save money but most importantly, to protect your skin from potential irritation. With the barrage of skincare products in the stores, it can be difficult to pick out the beneficial ones from the harmful variety.

Besides, a complex skincare routine can cause potential irritation, discoloration and other side effects that may worsen, instead of improving your skin health. Lastly, the most important thing to remember are three essentials for good skin care:

  • Cleansing
  • Moisturizing
  • Using a broad-spectrum SPF diligently