Cute Hairstyles for springtime 2022

Spring is here, and so are many new trends to try out. So if you’re looking to change your style this season, here are a few fun hairstyles you should try out this spring. Spring is all about letting your hair free or keeping it short. With these hairstyles, you’ll get the chance to try something new or just be the center of attention. It will make spring more fun.

Cute Hairstyles to Try

Layered Lob

A running theme that you’re about to see all spring is layers. Layered hairstyles will dominate fashion trends this season, with one of the best ones being a Layered Lob cut. While plenty of people got long lob haircuts a long time ago, they’re often flat and get pretty boring after a while. So instead of getting a simple lob cut, adding layers to it offers a new dimension while keeping the original outline alive. 

Ultra Short

The Ultrashort haircut is one of those cuts that work with every hairstyle. It sits in a sweet spot between a dedicated buzz cut and a Big Cut, making for a nice and sweet while focusing more on your face. And the best part is that it’s super low-maintenance, allowing you to focus more on rejuvenating your scalp with a special scalp rejuvenation serum.

Curtain Bangs

Spring is when the temperatures start to rise, so the last thing you want is long hair holding you down. So if you’re looking for a short to medium-length cut, then curtain bangs can be the haircut for you. The haircut will allow you to part the bangs to each side like curtains, often accompanied by a long fringe. The bangs comfortably cover the forehead while still parting from the middle to give a cute and charming look. The best part is that this hair type looks especially good with long or oval hairstyles.  

Bow Bun Spring

If you’re looking to stand out with a fun hairstyle, then the bow bun might just be what you’re looking for. This style looks incredibly cute, but it’s also super easy and works with plenty of hair types. Women with straight hair will look especially good with this hairstyle, as their simple hair allows them to make the bun and wrap around it easily. And it’s an especially fun style when you’re headed out for parties or on a dinner date. Don’t forget to accessorize the style with plenty of hair accessories.

Textured Pixie

A textured pixie look is especially fun to wear when you want something layered while having short hair. While some Pixie cuts come with sideburns, others can go for a low fade to a short, layered top. But even if the sides and back are different, the top is always the same because it always features a layered look.