Do Lash Serums Really Work?

Many beauty influencers use a lash serum to add more length and density to their natural eyelashes. This blog discusses whether they really work and if you should try one.

Fluttery lashes can instantly enhance the facial features. But if you weren’t born with thick lashes, you may feel tempted to try a lash serum. Today, lash serums are more popular than ever, and all beauty influencers seem to be raving about them.

With so much hype surrounding lash serums on the internet, it’s only natural that you want to add one to your routine. But are lash serums promising? Will a lash serum work for your eyelashes? More importantly, are these products safe to use so close the delicate eyes? This article will answer all your questions to help you make an informed choice.

So without further ado, let’s explore the world of naturally fluttery eyelashes.

What Are Lash Serums?

Lash serums are clear, lightweight, gel-like concentrated treatments applied to the base of the lashes with a brush applicator. Typically, you the serum to the upper lash line with a spoolie (a brush similar to the mascara wand). Then, you can comb the serum through your eyelashes with the same spoolie brush.

They stimulate lash growth, promising longer and healthier eyelashes. The active ingredients in the serum’s growth-enhancing formula are responsible for conditioning and strengthening the eyelashes, so they grow thicker and fuller.

Lash Growth Serums vs. Lash Conditioners

Most lash serums promise to promote eyelash hair growth, but many over-the-counter products are nothing but conditioners.

Lash conditioners help maintain eyelash health, prevent breakage, etc. However, these serums don’t usually contain growth-enhancing ingredients. Without any active ingredients, lash conditioners can’t help you grow your lashes.

On the other hand, lash growth serums use special formulas to help grow new lashes, increasing lash length, density, and volume. They are excellent if you’re experiencing eyelash hair loss or want fuller, fluttery eyelashes.

How Do Lash Serums Work?

The lash growing effects of lash serums depend on the active ingredients in the formula. Lash growth serums typically contain various minerals, vitamins, and proteins to stimulate and promote new lash hair growth. These serums stretch the telogen phase to expand the lash hair growth cycle.

Hairs are made with eighty percent keratin protein, making amino acids essential for growth. Amino acids are the building blocks for protein, while they also serve the purposes of nourishing and repairing. For that reason, VIVI Natural’s Sagano Superfood Brow + Lash Serum contains Reishi extract that is infused with amino acids. Similarly, Reishi extract is rich in plant peptides and vitamins that encourage hair growth and strengthen weak hair.

A humectant by nature, glycerin attracts moisture and offers incredible benefits for eyelash health. It can moisturize and condition the lashes, while preventing breakage as it attracts moisture and forms a protective film.

Are Lash Serums Safe?

If you want a simple answer, lash growth serums are safe. However, make sure to use them correctly to ensure you’re not damaging your eyelashes or eyes. Ideally, you should read the usage instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Most lash serums are safe to use twice or thrice a day. Using eyelash serums while you’re wearing contact lenses is not a good idea.

Bottom Line

The two types of lash serums include lash growth serums and lash conditioners. While conditioners work to maintain lash hair health, lash growth serums aim to promote newer, longer eyelash growth. Lash growth serums contain active ingredients like vitamins, minerals, collagen, and amino acids to promote longer and thicker eyelashes.